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Restoring Men's Pelvic Health

Davenport's Preferred Physical Therapist for Men's Pelvic Health

Physical Therapy for Sensitive Areas 
Biofeedback for Faster Results 
Treatments for Non-surgical Intervention 

Do you struggle with: 

  • Frequent painful trips to the restroom 

  • Incontinence 

  • Painful genitals 

  • Pelvic floor or erectile dysfunction 

  • Radiating pain in lower back, hips, knees, or other extremities 

Pelvic floor dysfunction can trigger crippling pain, hinder movement, and result in incontinence. 


Your pelvic floor is the foundation of normal, pain-free movement. 


Take back control 

over your pelvic health.

Pelvic muscles may be too tight or too loose to properly control bladder and bowels, ease movement, and perform sexually. A pelvic floor muscle exam is the first step to taking back pelvic control and giving your body the foundation it needs for healthy, pain-free movement and sexual function. 

Men's pelvic health has been taboo for too long.
It's time to come out of the pelvic closet and get
the relief you deserve. 

I know what it's like to suffer from pelvic problems. 

In 2013, I experienced difficulties with bladder control and started a long frustrating search for a conclusive diagnosis. After much testing, I was finally diagnosed with neurogenic bladder with urinary retention. As a physical therapist, I knew the advantages and healing potential of physical therapy, but it was difficult to find a therapist who treated men. Since then, I've dedicated my practice to providing non-surgical support for men's pelvic health. 

Just like other forms of physical therapy, pelvic physical therapy can relieve pain and incontinence while restoring healthy urination, genital function, and movement. 


I'm Charles Dudley, Masters in Physical Therapy (MPT) and Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT), and I specialize in men's pelvic health. 

How it Works. 


Get a detailed assessment. 

The first step toward pelvic comfort is a conclusive diagnosis. Are your pelvic muscles too tight? Too loose? How can physical therapy restore healthy function? It's time you found out. 


Regain control via biofeedback. 

Biofeedback uses electrical sensors to help you receive information about your body and make subtle changes to achieve the results you want, such as reducing pain and relaxing and strengthening muscles. 


Live your best life. 

When you can move freely, you can live fully. Move the way you want and spend your time doing what you love, in full control of your pelvic muscles and sexual function. 

Davenport Pelvic Therapy is a safe space for all genders.


You deserve to feel your best.

Restore your pelvic health so you can move freely and live fully. 

Download Free Guides on Pelvic Health's role in ED Health, Prostatitis & Incontinence!
Take back control today so you can live your best life. 
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