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About Your Therapist

I'm Charles Dudley, Masters' Physical Therapist (MPT) and Certified Orthopedic ManualTherapist (COMT). For over 20 years, I've practiced physical therapy in a wide range of settings,including outpatient therapy and private practice, both in US and England. I now specialize intreating pelvic floor dysfunctions.

My interest in pelvic health is both personal and professional. In 2013, I experienced difficulties with bladder control and started a long, frustrating search for a conclusive diagnosis. After much testing, (including MRIs, urodynamic studies and cystoscopies), I was finally diagnosed with neurogenic bladder with urinary retention. As a physical therapist, I knew the advantages and healing potential of physical therapy, but it was difficult to find a physical therapist trained in the art of treating the pelvic floor complex. 

Since then, I've dedicated my practice to providing non-surgical support for pelvic health. My mission is to bring men and transgender out of the pelvic closet, getting them the help they deserve to restore healthy pelvic function and live their best lives. 

I have advanced training in helping people like you with musculoskeletal needs, whether related to sports, gender affirmation techniques, pelvic health issues, or any combination of the above. 


I'm Charles Dudley, Masters' Physical Therapist (MPT) and Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT), and I specialize in pelvic health for men, women, and transgender. 

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